Angelina+Gennady / Antalya Kas Wedding

Hi There,

I would like to tell you about Angelina and Gennady today. They had this simple wedding with loved ones.

Angelina and Gennady live in Siberia. Because of the hot weather, they prefer to get married in Kaş I think. During our Skype call, I couldn’t help but wonder when they told me that their wedding will include only six people, as a person who has been in a wedding with 1800 guests before.

Angelina has chosen an extremely naive wedding dress like herself. Also Gennady was wearing a suit that was a perfect match with Kaş’s atmosphere. Therefore, the shooting couldn’t have been easier for me.

It was a joyful shooting when you imagine streets of Kaş, it’s landscape and the beautiful shores. And then we moved to Hotel Barbarossa for the reception. It was a modest ceremony with close family at the pier. It is an honor for me to capture such sentimental and precious moments as they will be remembered forever. I wouldn't be lying if I say it makes me teary sometimes.

Thanks to Angelina and Gennady, now I have planty of pretty photographs. I feel so happy and lucky that I know them.

Now let me tell you their story by my way: