Beril + Berat / Antalya Wedding Photographer

I am living in Antalya as a wedding photographer for three years and I have been working as a destination wedding photographer  for years and travelling different places in Turkey and in the world. In this writing, I would like to tell you one of my memories as a wedding photographer in Antalya.

Beril and Berat, mentioned in this writing, wanted to make their before-wedding shootings which we call “save the date” in Antalya. I gave ear to Berat’s advice as he was from Antalya. He talked about the Koprulu Canyon. After making a little quest, I came up with a place   with  splendid nature.  Afterwards, it was my turn for making offers and I wanted to go to this splendid place at the crack of dawn. Thanks to them, they didn’t turn me down.  We set off at 4:30. 

Their sacrifice didn’t end up with such this. Just as we were about to finish the shootings, we rolled up our trousers  to soak into water as we had planned before. (it isn’t imaginary, I did roll up my trousers.) It was just 7:30 and water was as cold as  ice. In fact, as we couldn’t walk (a pain was striking up because of the cold), we soaked into the water directly up to our waists. 

serenay lokcetin