Mitra + Arnaud / Nancy Chateau Vandelaville France Wedding

Hi Guys!

Our story today takes place in France. My journey with Mitra and Arnaud began about one year ago. Both Mitra and Arnaud live in the USA, however, they  decided to make their wedding in Nancy-France, where Arnaud’s family lives. Mitra  got it into touch with me through one of my beloved brides whose photos I had taken in Turkey. She is from Iran, was born in Turkey and moved to the USA at the age of 18 with her family. We talked about all details in depth with consecutive video chats. And I am so lucky that we agreed on photographing on 28th July, 2018 the warm, elegant and amusing wedding. As a destination wedding photographer, I was looking forward to shoot this wedding.

Nancy is one- hour far away by train from Paris. I arrived in Nancy one day before the wedding. It is a little European town. There are very few people who know English. We took a short tour in the city with Arnaud’s family before the wedding. If only I had spared more time for here. I hope I will find the chance of visiting here again.  =)

The morning of the wedding started with some anxiety. For, all weather forecast websites were showing rain right at the ceremony time. I and all of Mitra’s friends tried to keep Mitra away from all phones and the edges of window. It rained unbelievably heavily half an hour before the wedding. You will be seeing both the weather and some of the soaked guests in the photos. =) 

Mitra preferred making up by herself. We completed our preparations in the splendid atmosphere of the castle and upon looking at the window when we saw the shining sun, everybody shook off his excitement because of astonishment. =)

In the splendid atmosphere of Chateau Vandeleville her father left Mitra in Arnaud’s hands and the ceremony  which we had been waiting for with an excitement started. I would like that not me but photos depict the emotional moments lived. =) After that, we made our family shootings and couples shootings in the garden of the castle. 

Mitra and Arnaud had a lot of talk with their guests in the cocktail area and after that we passed to the dinner section having been prepared in the castle so that the night would start. 

During the night, surprises  didn’t end up. The first surprise came from Arnaud’s grandmother and she sang a song for the them. =) The video that their friends had prepared both touched Mitra and Arnaud and made them laugh.  
I am very lucky photographer! Because now I have lots of beautiful memories and photos: